HubBroker Launches Automatic Invoice Reminder App for ERP & Accounting Systems to Help Businesses Improve Accounts Receivables Process

As businesses have been left reeling by the COVID-19 pandemic, HubBroker has announced the launch of their Automatic Invoice Reminder App that can be integrated into popular ERP & accounting systems including Uniconta, e-conomic & Microsoft Dynamics 365. The reminder app will automatically send invoice reminders to the customers for overdue Invoices, improving cashflow.  

Jens Toke, Founder & CEO at HubBroker ApS, said “Businesses all over the world are facing challenging and uncertain times brought around by the COVID-19 pandemic. This unprecedented situation has had a direct impact on businesses and their ability to manage their accounts receivable process and collect cash. Which is why we have created this app that will allow businesses to streamline their collections strategy right from their accounting or resource planning system.”  

Upon integration, HubBroker’s Reminder Invoice App searches the accounting system for overdue invoices. The users can set the desired frequency and threshold of a reminder, based on which the system will send an unpaid invoice reminder mail to the customer. The user can also choose whether to send the reminder invoice with or without the attached original invoice. The user can also choose to have the reminder sent to the customer as a text message. 

Jens Toke said “This reminder app, along with our range of e-invoicing solutions, not only enhances the efficiency of billing & collections process but also allows businesses to operate effectively even with reduced staff, which is the need of the hour. Our integrations also improve the overall visibility of the business data that enables users to prioritize the collection of larger sum invoices or at-risk clients.”  

He further added “We, at HubBroker, believe that Invoicing is a crucial component of every business operation, much more so in the current environment. Hence, we focus on our solutions to help businesses organize each step of their invoicing process right from their preferred business system or application. Our secure, seamless & scalable integration solutions can bring advantage to any small, medium or large size business.”  

HubBroker’s Invoice Reminder App allows users to :   

  • Activate all or specific Customers for automatic Invoice Reminders.  
  • Send Automatic Invoice Reminder email to Customers with or without original invoice attached.  
  • Send Automatic Invoice Reminder text message to Customers  
  • Send Automatic Invoice Reminder as electronic file(XML) to Customers with or without original invoice embedded. 
  • Send Automatic Reminder electronic to Customers.  
  • Create a new draft or booked invoice with late payment fee for overdue invoices.  
  • Send confirmation to Sender before the reminder is sent to customers.  
  • Use multiple configuration settings including lookup options  
  • Define notification settings (Positive/Negative email or SMS notifications)  
  • Send Invoice Reminder in real-time, hourly, daily or weekly based on scheduling mechanism.  

 To learn more, visit the HubBroker website.


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