Ebury partners with Redeployable to provide and support employment opportunities for military veterans

Ebury, the global financial services firm, is proud to announce its partnership with Redeployable, a UK-based platform that connects top military talent with exceptional employers and job opportunities.

This strategic alliance underscores Ebury’s commitment to harnessing the diverse skills and expertise of its colleagues as it continues to deepen its capabilities and client offering. By collaborating with Redeployable, Ebury aims to tap into the immense potential of veteran talent and further strengthen its position as a leader in global transaction banking.

Redeployable shares Ebury’s vision of empowering military veterans and bridging the gap between exceptional talent and forward-thinking employers. The partnership underscores Ebury’s dedication to diversity, inclusion, and talent development as a leading global business.

Ebury has grown to operate with over 1,700 employers from over 38 offices across over 25 countries, offering a comprehensive suite of financial services tailored to simplify the international trade needs of businesses.

Sophie Mackenzie, Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Ebury, commented: “We are excited to join forces with Redeployable to accelerate our veteran hiring initiatives. At Ebury, we recognise the unique value that military veterans bring to the workforce, including their leadership abilities, resilience, and commitment to excellence. Through this partnership, we are committed to providing meaningful career opportunities for veterans while enhancing our organisation with their diverse perspectives.”

“As we continue to expand on a global scale, we believe that leveraging the talents of people with different life stories and experiences is crucial to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and achieve greater success for all our clients.”

Ben Read, Founder & CEO at Redeployable, commented: “Ebury’s strategy to recruit military talent showcases its dedication to tapping into a community rich in skills and diverse backgrounds. The entire Redeployable team is thrilled about our collaboration with Ebury and looks forward to supporting them in reaching their objectives.”

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