Barnett Waddingham turns to CAMRADATA for Manager Research across ESG investment strategies to add value to its clients

Barnett Waddingham, a leading independent UK professional services consultancy focused on risk, pensions, investment and insurance has partnered with CAMRADATA, a leading provider of data and analysis for institutional investors, to use its Assisted Search service.

Barnett Waddingham used this manager search service to source bespoke ESG manager research, specific market insights and establish universes and strategies for ESG-related funds for its clients.  This will also enable them to monitor ESG strategies on an ongoing basis.

One of the key benefits was the fact the service is run anonymously and selects and connects users with the right investment managers. The Assisted Search is run through CAMRADATA’s online platform, CAMRADATA Live, is supported by the CAMRADATA team and provided at no charge to institutional investors. It results in a unique custom universe, additional unbiased reporting and research analysis.

Amy Richardson, Senior Director, CAMRADATA says, “We were delighted to help Barnett Waddingham with an Assisted Search across ESG-related strategies.  This has enabled them to collect unique information on ESG funds and investment opportunities, as well as the performance of investment managers.  This has also given them the ability to monitor ESG strategies, which is a growing area of interest for their clients. More than ever, investors and consultants need up-to-date information and insight to help make informed investment decisions in these challenging times.” 

David Lewis, Co-Head of Manager Research at Barnett Waddingham said, “Barnett Waddingham recently used the CAMRADATA Assisted Search service to establish universes for ESG-related funds so we can add value for our clients. The database has excellent coverage of managers and products, and the information is summarised in useful standard reports.

Particularly convenient is the way CAMRADATA acts as a buffer between us and the investment managers and can answer many of their questions independently. This helps reduce the communication burden when establishing potentially large universes where a significant number of managers are engaging. The help we received throughout was prompt and attentive. CAMRADATA gave useful guidance in how to compose the initial request. We would be happy to use the service in the future.

CAMRADATA has seen a growth in demand for its assisted searches since the Covid-19 crisis. During Q2 2020, CAMRADATA had 17 Assisted Searches totalling £1.2 billion AUM and Q3 is looking similar.

Amy Richardson concludes, “We have seen a spike in demand for our Assisted Search service, particularly as it offers unique comprehensive qualitative and quantitative information across asset classes for asset owners, on an anonymous basis, which is unavailable elsewhere. This enables institutional investors to find strategies across specific asset classes or for consultants to create buy lists to recommend to their clients.”

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