Fintech Vauban on track to create funds and SPVs worth £1bn by Q2 2021

Fintech start-up, Vauban, this morning announces impressive growth plans to revolutionise alternative investment. Founded in 2018, Vauban brings game-changing technology to a sector where the fax machine is still used for fund allocations. Vauban has secured significant investment, made significant hires and aims to administer over £1bn of capital on its platform by Q2 2021.

Vauban’s Wealth container platform streamlines and simplifies the alternative investment market by digitalising the process of establishing and managing an SPV or a fund. By removing the common barriers, avoiding duplication of efforts and automating time-consuming tasks, from legal to accounting, to investors onboarding, Vauban allows its users to launch and deploy its investment vehicles digitally in a few simple steps, 100% online. The average SPV can take 4 to 8 weeks to set-up, with Vauban it can be done in 1 week (including setting up your bank account).

Rémy Astie, Co-Founder and CEO said: “We are delighted to announce the next stage of growth for Vauban. We want to make a positive impact on the finance space by improving it as we believe the current model is broken. We have created a frictionless process with Vauban that lets you deploy your fund and SPVs as well as onboard your investors in a fraction of the usual time. Through digital transformation and automation, the journey from start to finish is simple and seamless. This allows the fund manager to focus on raising investment and generating returns.”

The digital and automated process of setting up an SPV with Vauban is revolutionary, but what’s even better is that it comes with first-class support provided by fund and SPV structuring experts. Behind the technology there is a dedicated team of legal, compliance and financial experts working tirelessly to make Vauban the best in the business.

Ulric Musset, Co-Founder and COO commented: “Our commercial growth, despite an unconventional time in the market, has been a testament to how much value we can deliver for fund managers in the alternative investment market. We are excited to have made some significant hires across the team and move offices to MJ Hudson’s building in The City. This is a significant step as we enter a high growth phase where we can really start to change the way we approach fund and SPV creation and administration.”

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