CAMRADATA enters strategic partnership with Insurance AUM Journal and expands into the USA

CAMRADATA, a leading provider of data and analysis for institutional investors is expanding into the USA market, through a new strategic partnership with Insurance AUM Journal, the leading, dedicated insurance asset management publication read by insurance firms in the USA.

CAMRADATA will be offering its investment research, data and asset management search services through its on-line database, CAMRADATA Live, to Insurance AUM Journal’s US insurance clients enabling them to access its rich data, insights, research reports and to search and select asset managers using its search and evaluation tools.

Currently, CAMRADATA has an extensive database of insurance asset managers but is calling for asset managers to populate CAMRADATA Live free of charge and add their data so they too can be searched on and selected by US Insurers.

Insurance AUM Journal provides a dedicated research centre and thought leadership platform for its members, which will be enhanced thanks to this partnership. It will be offering access to CAMRADATA Live, where US insurers can currently research over 6,000 investment products and over 700 asset managers to help carry out asset manager reviews, monitor risk and evaluate their performance.

It will also offer them CAMRADATA’s powerful search and evaluation analytical tools to help them compare and select the insurance asset managers to work with or they can use CAMRADATA’s bespoke assisted search when looking for a manager to manage a particular mandate, using specific search criteria.

Stewart Foley, Editor in Chief, Insurance AUM Journal said, “CAMRADATA is a very well established and highly regarded provider of data for institutional investors.  Our partnership will provide insurance investors with a very robust set of tools to evaluate and select insurance asset managers. We are offering an opportunity for insurers to sign up to CAMRADATA Live free of charge and we will provide a login so they can get started.”

“Insurers’ invested assets topping $30 trillion globally, $7 trillion of which is in the USA alone.  There is a tremendous need for the accurate, extensive and in-depth investment research and analysis CAMRADATA can provide which can inform investment decision making.   We are thrilled to be bringing these capabilities to U.S. insurers.”

Sean Thompson, Managing Director, CAMRADATA says, “Insurance AUM Journal is dedicated to the insurance asset management market and it is highly valued by its members for its investment insights, resource and thought leadership.

“Our partnership will enable us to expand our client base to the USA and to offer asset managers the opportunity to connect and tap into a vast market of insurance investors in the USA. We are very pleased to be partnering with Insurance AUM Journal, and very much looking forward to offering access to CAMRADATA Live to US insurers and working with asset managers offering their services to this industry.”

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