URocked kicks off crowdfunding campaign by smashing its target in the first hour of public raise

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Meet the FinTech changing the gratuity game with the aim to end world hunger: Ethical app URocked will mean UK service workers keep 100% of their hard-earned gratuity earnings and will allow customers to feed someone in need at the same time 

URocked, an ethical service platform for cashless tips, launches its crowdfunding campaign today in a bid to help end world hunger and save the UK’s service workers in post-pandemic Britain. On just its first day of going public, the raise has already exceeded its £100,000 target. 

Once launched, the app is set to save the UK’s service workers from losing out on a potential £5 billion in gratuity, as we move away from cash amid the pandemic, and it will give a portion of every transaction to feed the hungry with its global charitable partnerships. 

The platform will allow workers across all industries to receive cashless gratuities straight into their accounts as a thank you for doing a great job from their customers. Whether waitstaff, chefs, hairdressers or delivery drivers, the app is set to revolutionise how we show our appreciation to the people on the front line using just a simple QR code. 

On average, people give gratuities 30 times a year and give away £105 each, and URocked is on a mission to not only preserve this demographic amidst the anti-cash impact of COVID, but to also allow it to easily feed people in need through its charity partnerships.  

From every transaction made through the URocked app, 20p of a 49p service charge will feed someone in need across the world. Operating on a full transparency ethos, the app will show customers exactly how much of the service charge from their tip goes to feed someone in need, and how much goes to the merchant, too.  

Every customer will be able to see how many meals they have been personally responsible for on their profile page and companies will be able to view the effect their positive customer service has had on world hunger. 

URocked founder, David Dillon says: “This is a powerful concept that has not been touched before. Now, while you say thank you to someone who deserves it, you can feed someone who needs it. We are tackling something much bigger than the average diner and restaurant – it is a chance to make real global change. We are launching this crowdfunding campaign to get URocked recognised amongst the people who will be using it the most. We have already raised over £100,000, and I cannot wait to see how many more people join us on this journey.”  

How it helps all three parties:  

·        For workers using URocked, they can use the one app for multiple jobs, use it to show new potential employers their previous good reviews, and access URocked rewards and prize draws. 

·        For the customers, it boasts convenience and transparency, can use the automatic built in tip calculator and ensure they’re tipping the right person and access URocked rewards. 

·        For the companies, URocked eliminates the admin headache currently associated with ‘tipping’ staff, offers a clear audit trail of gratuities, will increase customer service quality across the workforce and is a more cost-effect solution compared to the current Tronc system. 

To become an investor, the URocked crowdfunding page can be found here: www.crowdcube.com/URocked 

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