DLRT Awarded A D McClay Contract

DLRT Limited based in Lisburn, NI, part of the TALL Group of Companies, the UK leader in securely printed documentation, are delighted to have provided Ulster Bank customer A D McClay Solicitors, with their first suite of business special cheques that incorporate industry-recommended cheque fraud prevention Image Survivable Features (ISFs).

ISFs form part of the new technological enhancements made to cheque clearing across the UK. This allows an image of the cheque to be cleared rather than the physical paper document. Both the issuer and the recipient still get all the great benefits of using a ‘physical’ cheque but the new clearing process using image transfer speeds up the whole payment process and reduces payments times to next working day. Cheque imaging can be done at branch, or using remote deposit capture (RDC) via a mobile phone or dedicated cheque scanner.

Ulster Bank have embraced this new cheque fraud prevention security enhancement and are requesting that business special cheque users have an ISF feature applied to their cheques going forward. The TALL Group are at the forefront of this process and are working with all UK and Irish banks to support customers who need to get the ISFs applied to their cheques.

Peter Thomas, Managing Director at DLRT, advises that it will provide cheque issuers with additional security now that the cheque image is what clears through the cheque clearing payments process.

He added, “It is a relatively straight forward process for business special cheque users and our team across the TALL Group to collaborate in the application of ISFs. TALL have an in-depth knowledge and experience of cheque fraud prevention tools and will make the whole upgrading process as smooth and frictionless as possible for all concerned.

Neville Kerr, LL.B from A D McClay Solicitors said, “We were delighted to use DLRT in fulfilling our bank’s requirement to apply an ISF to our business cheques. Working with the team in Lisburn, we now have cheques incorporating ISFs that will provide us with enhanced fraud protection. In addition, we retain the benefits of using a cheque to our business finance.”

Members of The Law Society, the practice of A D McClay & Company, established in 1984 by Don McClay, provides a comprehensive range of legal services to both private and commercial clients throughout Northern Ireland with a limited range of services being provided in the Republic of Ireland. The firm is based in the Waterside area of Londonderry. AD McClay has been at the forefront in embracing new information technology to enable it to transact business for clients in the most efficient manner possible.

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