Largest directory of US Insurance Asset Managers launched by CAMRADATA and Insurance AUM Journal

CAMRADATA, a leading provider of data and analysis for institutional investors has joined forces with Insurance AUM Journal, the leading, dedicated insurance asset management publication in the USA, to launch their first ever US Insurance Asset Manager Directory.

With over 160 asset managers listed, the US Insurance Asset Management Directory is the largest and most comprehensive directory of insurance asset managers worldwide.

The directory will provide insurance investors with high-level detailed information on asset managers from around the world which will help to improve their investment decision making.

Using the directory they can view asset management league tables, performance analysis and access contact details of all asset managers listed.

Available to US Insurance firms and investment consultants free of charge, this is an invaluable source of information for any individuals involved in investment analysis, manager research and performance monitoring.

This is the second collaboration between CAMRADATA, a leading provider of investment research, data, and asset management information and Insurance AUM Journal, the world’s number one journal for thought leadership on the insurance asset management market. Together, they are building a reputation for providing a great asset management resource hub for insurance firms.

Early this year, CAMRADATA offered access to CAMRADATA Live, an on-line manager research platform, to all of Insurance AUM Journal’s US insurance clients, giving them the opportunity to research 6,000+ investment products managed by over 700 asset managers to carry out asset manager reviews, monitor risk and evaluate their performance.

Stewart Foley, Editor in Chief, Insurance AUM Journal said, “We are excited to partner again with CAMRADATA and publish the largest and most detailed directory on US insurance asset managers.

There is strong demand for high level information about insurance asset managers, including information on their ESG policies and D&I processes, and strengths and capabilities and we believe the directory and CAMRADATA Live are essential resources for investors seeking key and detailed information on asset managers managing insurance monies.”

Sean Thompson, Managing Director, CAMRADATA says, “In partnership with Insurance AUM Journal we are offering a really comprehensive guide that will add great value to insurance investors.  Not only can they access the directory free of charge, but they are also eligible for complimentary access to CAMRADATA Live, our online asset manager database, which is an essential resource for manager research, performance monitoring and manager ranking.”

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