Tech company seeks investment for revolutionary global water leakage solution

A BOOMING technology company has relocated its headquarters from Singapore to the UK and is seeking £2-£3m investment to take a revolutionary water pipeline application to the global market.

Having opened a new base in London in addition to its offices in North Wales, Jersey, Singapore, and the Philippines – iVapps is perfectly placed to begin manufacturing a ground-breaking digital solution that will serve ‘smart cities’ and meet demand for a solution to the world water leakage crisis.

There has been widespread interest in the environmentally-friendly portal – which includes the world’s first recyclable smart cartridge – with orders coming in from across Europe, Asia, and North America.

The technology will ultimately replace the widely used but outdated data logging systems used by water utility firms.

Colin Patterson, Executive Chairman of iVapps, said their immediate priority is delivering the product to customers in the UK following successful trials earlier this year.

“The feedback we’ve had is just incredible because what we have is a solution that meets ‘smart city’ requirements now and for future generations because it is so easy to replace and upgrade,” said Mr Patterson.

“The cartridge and portal are sustainable and meet environmental targets, which has made this a very attractive proposition for water companies and large industrial organisations.

“We are now ready to take the next step and begin manufacturing on a wider scale, initially for the UK market before rolling it out globally given the demand we already have from overseas.”

He added: “We have an incredible opportunity for Series A financing as we have a strong model with huge potential that has captured the sector’s imagination, and iVapps is EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) compliant.

“The company is growing; trials have been very positive, and we are ready to go – are you ready to join us?”

The smart cartridge is fitted with inflow real time technology sensors to digitise pipelines and control and monitor temperature, flow, pressure, turbidity, quality and more.

As a result, it can identify problems including leakages, contamination and bursts that cause billions of pounds in financial and environmental damage each year.

With England and Wales losing 3.1 billion litres of water a day, iVapps’ International Business Manager Nigel Roberts says they are “on the cusp” of a landmark moment for the utilities arena.

“The smart technology is in place but of course we are fully aware of the pressures and challenges the supply chain has been under because of the Coronavirus pandemic and other factors,” said Nigel.

“We have commercial models and are now seeking investment to deliver on the larger orders we have received, so we can build momentum and get it out to market.

“The industry can see the iVapps portal and digital solution is what they have been waiting for, it’s sustainable and future-proof because of the ease with which it can be replaced, with little or no disruption.

“We want a long-term commitment because this is just the beginning of the revolution of the smart and green management of the precious commodity of water. The foundations are in place, now it’s time to build on the interest and orders we have with the support of an investor or investors who share our vision to positively transform the global water pipeline network for many years to come.”

For more information, visit the website and follow @iVAPPST on social media. Alternatively, email [email protected] or call 01745 535132.

NOTES: The iVapps cartridge solution can be serviced without having to shut down pipelines or excavate roads, causing major disruption. Once installed any future sensor technologies can be introduced or upgraded within 10 minutes and reused again. Delivering a low cost, low carbon, green friendly advance on the current process.