Teaser Research Company Announces the Launch of Teaser – a State- of-The-Art Financial Data Platform Serving Clients In The MENA Region

Teaser Research Company officially announced this week the launch of their state-of-the-art financial data platform that focuses on public equities, private company data, M&A deals, mutual funds performance and privately held projects data with a special focus on the MENA region. With the launch of their new platform, Teaser Research hopes to increase investor confident in an otherwise vague financial market that, in the past, had a lack of historical data and reliable data sets for investors to make well-informed decisions.

Teaser Research was formed in 2018 as an emerging market research and business intelligence firm. They specialize in gathering, aggregating and harmonizing hard to find data and information on MENA capital and private markets. The company has a large, dedicated team of Research Analysts across its main regional branches in Kuwait, Egypt and Lebanon.

The Teaser Research financial data platform is robust with a comprehensive database coverage of private comps, public comps, M&A transactions, IPOs, venture capital, public tenders, private projects, research library, mutual funds and commercial brands supported by screening tools. It is filled with features that include a cloud-based dynamic dashboard, powerful search filters and visualization tools.

During a recent interview, the company spokesperson for Teaser Research was quoted as saying, “Our analysts team tracks stock market announcements, news, financial reports, corporate websites, regulatory websites and contact key personnel in companies on regular basis to ensure that information and data coverage of thousands of companies are accurate and up to date. We have launched our new website and currently catering to selective clients in the Gulf Cooperation Council. Our team is very excited with the launch of our new financial data platform and we know that it will serve our clients well by giving them the data they need to make well-informed investment decisions.”

Teaser Research Company accommodates its services to a diverse range of regional Institutional Investors, Asset Management Firms, Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers. To learn more about their state-of-the-art financial data platform, visit their official website at https://www.teaser.co.

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