GameFi Market Bullish on $DEP as PlayMining Launches Devilman Manga NFTs with JobTribes Collab

The PlayMining GameFi platform’s DEAPcoin ($DEP) token is performing very bullishly following the announcement of an NFT collaboration with the popular Devilman manga and anime series. At the time of this writing, DEP is currently a top-5 gaming token on Coinmarketcap by 7 day % change, with a 13% seven-day price increase and over 20% growth in market cap.

DEP’s bullish market performance comes at a time when other top-tier gaming tokens are experiencing a bearish slump — Guild of Guardians ($GOG), Oasys ($OAS), Immutable ($IMX) and Axie Infinity ($AXS) are all now dipping on the market charts. Meanwhile, DEP is still going strong, boasting one-month price and market cap increases of 41% and 49%, and respective three-month increases of 120% and 168%.

Major Brand Collab Driving Traction

Devilman is a well-known top-60 manga and anime franchise, having sold over 50 million manga copies since it first launched in 1972. Most serious fans of Japanese manga and anime will be familiar with the title, and PlayMining has a significant user base in Japan — making this new partnership a particularly prominent one in the Japanese GameFi space.

For PlayMining’s collaboration with the Devilman franchise, a new limited edition Devilman NFT collection is being integrated with the popular PlayMining card battle game JobTribes. Collectors can purchase limited quantities of six different Devilman NFT styles on the PlayMining NFT market until Jan. 31, after which the remaining cards will be raffled off over the following two weeks (or until supplies last). ‘Premium Recruitment’ raffle tickets can be purchased from within JobTribes from Jan. 31 until Valentine’s Day.

As a special bonus, whoever draws the very last Devilman NFT during the Premium Recruitment raffle period will receive a special one-of-a-kind Legendary “Rage of Fire Devilman” NFT as a prize.

JobTribes also has a “Devilman’s Invasion!” event prepared, which will run during the Premium Recruitment period. During this event, players will be able to win another kind of Legendary NFT depicting Devilman’s amulet, as well as other useful game items.

High-Profile #GamifyingWork Partnerships Bolstering DEP Token Rally

DEP’s rebound began three months ago, directly following an official PlayMining announcement of multiple high-level partnerships and a new business model that PlayMining calls #GamifyingWork. Under this new initiative, PlayMining is helping real-world companies from any industry outsource various work tasks to gamers, who can perform the tasks remotely as in-game quests and be rewarded with DEP for their ‘work’.

Kozo Yamada, co-CEO of PlayMining owner Digital Entertainment Asset, said that the new Gamifying Work solution is addressing a severe labor shortage crisis that is affecting many industries across the world. In fact, as many as four out of five companies may be affected globally, according to research by ManpowerGroup. But under PlayMining’s new initiative, companies that are not even traditionally part of the digital space, such as heavy industries, can remotely fill this labor demand in innovative ways.

PlayMining has a pilot project launching this spring in collaboration with the world’s fourth-largest electric power company, TEPCO Power Grid. The new PlayMining game will send teams of players out into their communities to photograph aging utility poles, with DEP tokens allocated to the teams that connect the most power lines in their game. As a result, TEPCO, which has been suffering from a lack of power pole inspectors, can now more efficiently maintain their aging power infrastructure.

A similar project is also underway to fill labor demands at waste processing facilities — this time via a highly innovative game in which players can remotely operate real-life waste-sorting robots. Japan’s second-largest telecom operator, KDDI, invested in DEA last summer to promote more such Gamifying Work projects. PlayMining went on to announce a slew of new collaboration partnerships in October, addressing numerous industries and social good goals including CO2 reduction, disaster prevention, animal welfare, local revitalization, inheritance, elderly quality-of-life and employment for people with disabilities.

For more information about PlayMining, visit their official website and follow them on social media.


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