Social and Sustainable Capital invests over £3 million in St Martin of Tours to expand supported living services for adults with mental health needs

Social and Sustainable Capital (SASC), a leading social investment firm dedicated to financing ‘extraordinary’ charities and social enterprises, has committed £3.2 million from its Social and Sustainable Housing Fund (SASH II) to St Martin of Tours, a respected London housing association. This investment will enhance and expand the organisation’s supported living accommodation for adults facing complex mental health needs in Bromley and Streatham, enabling St Martin’s expansion plans across London.

With over 40 years of experience, St Martin of Tours specialises in care homes and supported-living services for adults dealing with enduring mental-health challenges. Providing tailored mental healthcare and supported accommodation services, the charity’s highly trained and dedicated staff teams work in partnership with local care teams to assist residents in improving their quality of life and transitioning towards independent living in the community.

The investment includes funding for the acquisition and refurbishment of Oakwood House, a 15-bed supported living service in Bromley, which will become St Martin’s flagship accommodation. At Oakwood House, the charity will deliver personalised support, aiding further recovery, optimising medication, providing psychosocial interventions, and assisting residents to develop the skills needed to move to independent living.

Additional funding will support organisation-wide initiatives, including a transformation plan, improving accommodation standards across the charity’s housing portfolio and contributing to ongoing financial resilience.

Paul Hardisty, Chief Executive Officer of St Martin of Tours, said, “The investment from SASC will be transformative for our organisation, enabling us to expand our accommodation and enhance our services to meet rising demand. Our mission is to be the housing provider of choice across London for individuals recovering from complex mental health illnesses. Through our tailored mental healthcare and supported accommodation services, we want to empower residents to transition towards independent living in the community. This investment allows us to create an additional 15 much needed bedspaces.

Mark Bickford, CEO of SASC, commented, “St Martin of Tours’ mission aligns perfectly with SASC’s commitment to supporting initiatives that have a tangible impact on society. With our investment, they will be able to provide decent, safe, and stable housing for individuals with complex mental health needs, contributing significantly to their journey towards recovery and independence.”

For more information about St Martin of Tours, please visit: St Martin of Tours

To learn more about SASC, please visit: Social and Sustainable Capital

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