ACCA welcome UK/Australia audit recognition deal as step to driving audit quality

UK and Australia, two flags waving against blue sky.
  • The deal between UK and Australian audit bodies allows professionally qualified auditors to more easily work in either country.
  • With talent in short supply, both countries’ regulators recognise audit professionals should face no boundaries in taking their work overseas. 


ACCA has welcomed the mutual recognition agreement between UK and Australian audit authorities. At a time of a talent shortage, the deal should make it easier for auditors, including ACCA members, to work between both countries.


The agreement between the UK’s Financial Reporting Council and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) allows auditors who have obtained professional audit qualifications as a statutory auditor in the UK or Australia to more easily apply for recognition of their qualification and audit rights in the other nation.


Maggie McGhee, executive director for strategy and governance at ACCA, said: “ACCA welcomes the UK and Australian audit authorities agreeing mutual recognition of audit qualifications.


“Over time this Memorandum of Understanding on Reciprocal Arrangements (MOURA) should increase the supply of high quality auditors for both economies. This is important at a time when audit talent globally is increasingly in short supply. This will in turn support the continued efforts from the respective regulators of the two countries to drive high quality audit in the public interest.”


ACCA has discussed the issue of audit talent scarcity in its recent report Attract, engage, retain: Insights and recommendations for audit talent success, published the day before the UK/Australia agreement was announced.


Simon Grant, CA ANZ group executive advocacy and international development, said: “The ability to be recognised and work overseas in a truly global profession is a major drawcard for a career in audit, and this agreement provides greater clarity and confidence for auditors moving between Australia and the UK.


“Australia is one of the first countries to be recognised under the UK FRC’s renewed approach on mutual recognition, which alongside New Zealand, is a testament to our close ties and shared history.”


Mike Suffield, ACCA’s director, policy and insights, said: “This builds on the professional ties between the two countries and helps embed the value of the strategic alliance between ACCA and Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand which works to increase the flow of qualified accountants, including auditors, between the two countries.”


See the FRC/ASIC announcement.